Submitted by admin on Mar, 03/01/2022 - 16:14

In these pandemic years I have amplified the use of symmetry in my works of art. Beauty is truth in maths, that's what Ian Stewart says. It seems that in Mathematics (and in Physics) the criterion of beauty is used to ascertain the truth of a theory. I use the criterion of Symmetry to search and to ensure the beauty of the result, thus giving rise to many artworks with manifest symmetry. Symmetry, Queen of the Universe, as Gauss would say. So I organized a contest of new polyhedra in Galicia among high schools to make, with plain geometry (nets), origami, or 3d, the designs that I put at their disposal. The result is on the website. Any organization or country that wants to convene it in 2022 can count on my collaboration.

Amora is a Galician word for blackberry, indicating that the symmetry is made with many (Celtic mor) grains or atoms as in that wild fruit. But this name also indicates a quality common to other polyhedra, equal atoms with ease of construction, as we repeat and paste, in this case, 20 equal pieces, almost dodecahedrons. They are not classical polyhedra. I prefer to call them polyhedra-2, because as quarks form, by symmetry, protons and neutrons and then atoms and then molecules, etc until the universe itself, so these polyhedra are built fractally, in their second level.